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How to Fill a Tank with ADA?

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I recently put ADA aqua soil into my 75 gallon long. No matter how gently I put the water in, I end up with brown cloudy water that never settles. I've tried three times, each time I introduced the water more slowly and still no luck. Should I just keep doing water changes until it clears up? Anyone else having this problem?

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I will assume you are setting up this tank, I have been reading posts here about this and the general concept is "don't worry about it" It will settle. If you are really just setting it up turn off pumps and filters it will settle. Water changes are the next thing mentioned mostly to hardly any to never and small ones. I think you don't need allot of changes until you add live stuff. With fishless cycling you could start filters and ammonia after the water has cleared. Once the cycle has been established some people use a large water change. I think getting plants established will help the water cloudiness issue. This will also require live things to provide food for the plants. This is my take as a algae grower, I hope others will chime in here to round out the subject.

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Thanks for the help!
I should have given more info in my original post, I am pre-leaching the ammonia from the tank because I already have livestock. I put 8 bags of normal type aqua soil into another 75 gallon tank. I added a cycled filter to the tank with the soil to help get the nitrogen cycle started. I am planning to order plenty of plants at the end of next week that I am very excited about. I figured they would help to keep the sediment out of the water some. I am hoping to carpet some hair grasses and some S. repens when I move the soil to my main aquarium. I already have some plants established in my two other tanks and I am going to separate some of them to my main tank as well.
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