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Right now my 75 gallon tank is kind of in the middle of a make over. It hasn't' had any plants in it lately. I just switched out the old river rock gravel I had for some pool filter sand. And found some really big healthy java fern and a really nice potted Red Wendtii. I don't want to kill any plants this time around. I can't do co2 on this tank. I just don't have the money, so I've been using excel to combat BBA. It holds it down but doesn't get rid of it.

Anyway, I want to grow the pants I mentioned and maybe a couple of amazon swords, and more crypts or java ferns.

Can I get by with just dosing flourish comprehensive?
Should I dose flourish trace too?
Or should I use dry ferts? If so what kind of dosing?

75 gallon tank
1.5 WPG of 40watt t-5
no co2
excel by directions
pool filter sand substrate
PH - 7.6
Nitrates -25ppm

Thanks so much!
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