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Fluval Edge 12g
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Hello everyone,

I have a new low tech aquarium (Fluval Edge 12g), only three weeks old. I go with low light (8h/day) and without CO2.

Observing nutrient deficiencies on few plants where others seems fine to me.
I am a bit confused if my water lacks NPK and micro elements due to varying health state between the plants.

Limnophila Sessiliflora is doing pretty well with a remarkable growth rate but mermaid weed is suffering very much. Young leaves are partially whitening, some old leaves are getting brown and I observe hair algae on sick leaves.

I would also highlight that I use R/O water. My water could be too pure, lacking the ingredients for plant growth.

Some more information to get your opinion:
-20% water change every 3-4 days
-No livestock yet (planning to add shrimps very soon)

Would you recommend using ferts like Seachem NPK and Flourish?
Appreciate to get your feedback.

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FIrst of all, if you use RO water then it's got nothing in it unless you put it in. What do you remineralize the water with?

Second, some plants take awhile and can completely die back before regrowing and sometimes they just don't do well with the parameter change, maybe it was shipping? Some times it just doesn't work. Also, if your tanks is only 3 weeks old it could be that the tank itself is still settling in, well not could be, it definitely is.

Lastly, in my experience plants like Limnophila Sessiliflora tend to grow well in anything whereas Mermaid Weed is a bit more touchy.

without any other info there's no way to be much more specific. Need to know what you're putting in the tank, especially since you have no livestock. If you're not putting anything in you're likely starving the plants.

Oh, what are the water parameters too. Also need that info. bust out that test kit!

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