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how to convert submerse HC to dry start?

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ok so i have some submerse HC and i wanted to try a dry start in a small cup but the trimmings i get after doing a HC trim in a submerse form, i take them out and put them into a deli cup with eco complete substrate and cap it with sand then i just fill the cup with water to the sand no water on top of the sand it all under it then i place the HC trimmings on top of the sand and spray it with water, then i put a lid over the deli cup with small holes and next to the window...

come back after a few hrs and its all brown .... lol did i do something wrong here?
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u might have cooked it from being too hot
i think you might be right cause it was really warm yesterday and when i open the lid it was like a heat wave in there...

so how should i do this? i had them on the window that gets bright sunlight in the morning and after noon, maybe bigger holes in the lid to get all the hat out better?
Ventilation should be better, not too hot, but enough to keep humid conditions. You don't necessarily need to add sand along with eco complete, since eco complete is fine on its own.
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