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How to care for Eleocharis Acicularis (Dwarf Hairgrass)

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I have five 'plugs' planted in my tank. I tried my best to remove the rock wool and buried each plug with crushed root tablets. I started dosing liquid fertilizer. It is planted in sand.
The grass looks unchanged since I bought it a few weeks ago. I would like to have a 'carpet' of this plant. Could you tell me how to achieve this?

Do you know if this is sufficent lighting?
Lighting on box reads Beamworks, and also includes:
Model - power led 300
Type - led fixture
Input - AC 100-240V
Out put - DC 12V 500mA
Usage - Indoor

Lastly, I hear CO2 is necessary for this plant. I don't know how to dose CO2, and it seems very expensive. Is it?

Thank you!
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Unless your me in which case it never carpets

Don't worry about damaging the roots. Hair Grass is one of the sturdiest plants in the hobby. I often use a blade to scrape it all off.

You'll get quicker growth if you spread the plants out a bit more. I.E., break the clumps up into smaller pieces and spread them around the tank.

Sometimes takes a few weeks for runners to start but once spreading begins, it'll seem like the entire tank is covered in very little time.
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