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How to care for Eleocharis Acicularis (Dwarf Hairgrass)

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I have five 'plugs' planted in my tank. I tried my best to remove the rock wool and buried each plug with crushed root tablets. I started dosing liquid fertilizer. It is planted in sand.
The grass looks unchanged since I bought it a few weeks ago. I would like to have a 'carpet' of this plant. Could you tell me how to achieve this?

Do you know if this is sufficent lighting?
Lighting on box reads Beamworks, and also includes:
Model - power led 300
Type - led fixture
Input - AC 100-240V
Out put - DC 12V 500mA
Usage - Indoor

Lastly, I hear CO2 is necessary for this plant. I don't know how to dose CO2, and it seems very expensive. Is it?

Thank you!
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u can always get some flourish excel (liquid carbon) can get expensive , also DIY CO2 witch is just fermenting yeast and sugar to produce it and diffuse it into the water with diff methods (good for most tanks) if really large tank pressurized CO2 would be way to go to get enough saturation in tank . i am about to go get a presurized system but DIY has worked well for me for a long time with good results . but i am big on basics ,lotsa of more knowledgable people on here that can help further :) oh and i know nothign on LED ligths , i have t5ho
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