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How to best transport tank

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Hey all, I'm moving my tank and am looking for tips on how to safely and efficiently transport everything.

It's a 5.5gal with ~20 RCS inhabitants. We'll be going down 3 flights of stairs, on an 8-minute car ride, and up 2 flights.

I don't know if it would be better to drain the tank about halfway, move it, and then fill with new (aged for a day) water, or do the same but fill it with the tank water I remove. All I have is a 2-3 gallon bucket. If I did the latter, it would also require transporting a full bucket. With the former, I'm afraid of shocking the shrimp.

The HOB filter will be put in a plastic bag for the short duration of the move, and I'm also wanting to cover the tank with saran wrap so there's no risk of the shrimp freaking out and jumping.

Any advice? Thanks.
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When I move my tank, I drain all my water in my 90*25*25 tank. I did not reserve some water from old tank as it was very heavy. After I fill in new water, I just slowly acclimate my fauna into my tank, same as what will we do when introduce fish to new tank.

Cons: new water in new house has very soft water and very very low mineral and nutrient level. I need to add ferts into new water.
Just check water condition of water source in new place.

Aquarium are used to withstand force equal to water weight to side panel, unless your hard scape is heavier than full tank of water you can left your hardscape intact in your tank.

Since yours only 5.5 gallon you can just move the whole thing and cover with saran wrap. Just becareful don't let any hard object go under your tank

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I would never move a tank with water inside - it's just not worth the risk. So you want to drain the tank. I would put the water (1/2 to 3/4) and the shrimp in a 5g bucket, but only use about half the water when you set it back up, with the other half fresh water (like a 50% water change). This best ensures not shocking the stock.
Thanks. @AbbeysDad, I'm uncomfortable completely draining the water because half the shrimp are miniscule babies that I can't see on a good day - if I drained the tank, they would die.
It's a small tank and you are moving it a short distance. I think I would drain all but a couple inches and put the tank water and all the livestock you can get out in a new, thoroughly cleaned plastic storage container with a lid.. I'd put the tank on a stable base like a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and put that in another container and stuff the space between the tank and the storage container walls with newspaper or towels or something like that to keep it from shifting and go. If you miss some creatures they should be fine in the tank with a little water in it for the very short time it will take to move. Like above I'd put about 3/4 of the water back in the tank with some fresh.
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I've moved numerous tanks. I would drain and leave a quarter of the tank water in the tank. Half of the full tank water I would put in a separate container and when put it back in the tank when your moved. Then fill the remaining quarter for freshwater basically acting like a water change.
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