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Tank: 15g

24" AquaLightT-5
14watt colormax full spectrum & 14watt 6700k

HOB with sponge over intake.
Planning on a spong filter

DIY with a nano diffuser

Sand with some Eco.
Planning on adding 100% Eco or other plant subtrate

crypts: bronze wendtii, green wendtii, lutea.
Moss: xmas, tawian, erect, java, flame, Fissidens fontanus, peacock
pellia, Anubias [nana believe], java fern, vals, Plagiomnium affine

cherry shimp
wild Neocaridina
tiger shrimp
green shrimp
amano shrimp
cajaun crayfish

The tank is filled with rocks that has the various moss's attached to them. The back of the tank is 1/4 covered with x mas moss [yes Im still working on it], I have a nice piece of slate covered in java fern with a small anubias attached in the front. The various crypts are creeping out in between the moss covered rocks. I also have a nice sized rock that has the top covered with Fissiden and a small ledge with java fern. The vals are in the right back corne and flow to the front left corner and around [there huge]

Would a DIY system with a nano create too much CO2?
Should I get a air pump for night time?
How much ferts should I dose?

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Your Colormax bulb will look too pink I bet.

No, DIY won't create too much CO2.
Get an air pump if it'll put your mind at ease.
It's not very high light. Check the EI thread for medium light dosing.

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You might wanna limit the species in that tank as well cause it will easily be overrun with them in no time.

Also, from my experience eco-complete raise or does nothing for the KH of your water and the Tigers don't like that to much so keep in mind that they like soft acidic water....they are really sensitive to it from my exp.
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