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Hey! So I'm new to Aquascaping and I've just started my first tank. I've done a lot of research but I'm still unsure how to set up the lights in my tank. I'm currently running a Juwel HeliaLux Led-ramp 28 watts together with two T5's but I'm unsure if this is too much lightning and that it would cause an algae outbreak? (33,5 lumens/liter)

I run the Ledbar 8 hours a day on full luminosity and the T5's 4 hours a day. So 4 hours of 3500 lumen and 4 hours of 6700 lumen.
To make the matter more complicated I also have a Juwel Day/Night control timer which I use to dim my Led-Bar. So the total running time for my Ledbar is more like 12 hours a day but it gradually dims the light from 0 luminosity to maximum under 2 hours each morning and evening creating a Dawn/Dusk effect.

How should I set up the lightning to thrive plant growth while also keep algae under control (hours)? Keep in mind I'd also like to have that Dawn/Dusk effect with the timer so I can see the tank "wake up" and " go to sleep" each day.

Juwel Lido 200
Juwel internalfilter
Juwel HeliaLux Led 28 watts 3500 lumens
2x Juwel T5 (approx 1600 lumens each)
Monte Carlo
Staurogyne repens
Riccia fluitans
Alternanthera reineckii Rosaner vig
Java fern
Ecs Clay-substrate
JBL root fertilizer
Tropica Aqua Soil

Thank you all in advance, would greatly appreciate anyone's help.
I hope I made everything clear, otherwise just ask


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