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I'm looking on ideas for how to scape my 20 gallon high. The tank has co2 injection, black blasting sand, and osmocote pellets for fertilization.

In my previous tanks, plants I've had success with are:
-Ludwigia inclinata cuba
-Dwarf sag (I hate this one)
-Dwarf hairgrass (I hate this one)
-Bacopa caroliniana
-Red tiger lotus

On hand, I have dwarf sag, dwarf hairgrass, bacopa caroliniana, pearlweed, and two bulbs of red tiger lotus. Those were all in a bigger tank and under a different light, so I'm not exactly sure how they will fair under this new (and honestly, probably worse) light. It's a generic flood light I picked up cheap and I have seen some great success with them, so I know they work. To anyone wondering, the light is 50 watts.

So, I'm looking for recommendations on either some easy plants or what I can make do with the plants I have now in terms of a decent looking scape, although I know the color scheme with the plants I have now is lackluster for sure.

Thank you!
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