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How short of a photoperiod can I get away with?

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I'm using the Fluval 13w clip-on light with my Fluval Spec. I'm trying to avoid using CO2 on this tank, so how short of a photoperiod can I go without doing more harm than good to avoid algae problems? I'm trying to get the tank to a point where it has minimal algae issues without nerites/other snails. It's currently at 6 hours a day, but I was wondering if I could go lower.
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Depending on what you're growing, you should be able to go lower - decrease it slowly enough that your have plants time to react to each change, and they'll let you know when you've gone too far.
Do you actually want the lights out or do you feel you need to have them out to avoid algae? It is possible to have a low tech tank without ferts or CO2 with a long photoperiod. My 29g tanks have 12 hour photoperiods and my 5g tank has a 13 hour photoperiod. No algae problems with any of them.
I don't mind a shorter photoperiod if it means less algae. With the 13w Fluval light, I'm somewhat limited without co2. Right now, the algae stays controlled through a single nerite snail. I'd like to see if I could eliminate that need. I understand I can have long photoperiods without CO2 in a low tech tank - I've been there. I just don't think I have that option with the current light/set up I have with the Spec.
Okay, just checking. As long as you know it is an option. :smile:
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