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How often should I dose hydrogen peroxide in my 5.5 gallon aquarium

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Het guys I have a blue green algae problem in my 5.5 gallon aquarium.
I am using hydrogen peroxide because it is very cheap.
I do not spot treat it I just put 1 milliliter per gallon so i put about 5ml.
However, I do not know how often to dose it.
Is it once a day? Once a week? Every other day?
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If you have a really bad outbreak you could do every day for a few days. HP dissipates pretty quickly. I think when I had BBA that was getting out of hand I was doing every other day just to give myself time to see if the BBA had reacted yet or not.
Blue green algae isn't at all hard to get rid of, and peroxide isn't necessary. Make sure you don't have excessive light, with little water circulation where the BGA is, and increase the dosing of nitrates to see if that eliminates it. If you have large pieces of it, remove them from the tank first.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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