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I cringe every time a poster says their tank makes the fish or shrimp "happy". There fish, they don't get happy or sad. They eat, poop, breed and die.

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Just go with the flow. Roll the eyes and look the other way. Fish appear "happy"; makes hobbyist happy-what's wrong with being happy?

My vehicle, an Xterra, isn't even alive, but she can be a real betch when she wants to be :)

My pet peeve is replying/doing research/spending time for people too lazy to. They start a thread like it's a DIRE EMERGENCY, you hear back days, sometimes weeks later, (or never) only to have them reply, "Oh, I broke down the tank, got rid of the fish/shrimp/plant/etc-no biggie, I wasn't that interested anyway."

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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