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How not to get an email reply.....

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Send me a message asking me a question. I respond. Then I get this back:

I apologize for this automatic reply to your email.

To control spam, I now allow incoming messages only from senders I
have approved beforehand.

If you would like to be added to my list of approved senders, please
fill out the short request form (see link below). Once I approve you,
I will receive your original message in my inbox. You do not need to
resend your message. I apologize for this one-time inconvenience.

Click the link below to fill out the request:
Yeah. I'm going to jump though hoops to answer your question. Sorry. No can do.
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Man some people are sooo obnoxious. I dont understand what is going through their minds?
They arent obnoxious, thats an earthlink spam center. Its really not hoops, just an extra click or two.
earthlink subscribers can use their service to weed out unwanted email. i dont use it, but my dad does and it does cut down on the junk. it does require some effort to get thru it, but thats why we are here, to help each other.
Sorry. But Earthlink Spam Center is hoops. If I can't hit send and have you get the message you are not going to get it. And IMHO Earthlink is only one step, and a small one at that, above AOL.

I just checked. It's as I remembered. More than a click or two. And it has one of those obnoxious jumbled and colored text boxes that I have to read and enter.
Pretty soon we'll have to submit to DNA testing.

"In order to procede with this message, please submit the required "bodily fluid" for testing. Once verified, your action may be completed." said in that 'matter of fact', soothing, womanly voice.

hehehe :icon_twis
The sender should have made the effort and added Rex's email address to his exception list.
I think my sister-in-law is on that. I remember trying to respond to some e-mail or other of hers one time (we're only very occasionally in correspondence) and having that thing come back at me. I'm afraid my response was like Rex's :hihi: , uh-uh, too much trouble to go through. I have ZERO spam in my in-box, if I can do it, anyone with a lick of sense can do it as well without having to resort to something like that.
I just checked. It's as I remembered. More than a click or two. And it has one of those obnoxious jumbled and colored text boxes that I have to read and enter.
I hate those.... ALWAYS FAIL! I hate making accts that need that done...

I don't blame you for not responding again... I wouldn't of!

A large portion of my job requirements involve sending e-mails to people I don't know begging them to link to other people I don't -really- know (it's reciprocal, and it SHOULD be mutually beneficial... sigh) But people like me don't mind jumping through the hoops. And because of that, I can't imagine that people sending spam and other unsolicited things would be all offended by hoops... therefore, I'm kind of thinking that a filter like that blocks all but the most determined of folk (me)... meaning, blocking family and friends and charitable helpful folks... and automated spam mailers. :)

Just my two cents... And I've encountered earthlink's spam blocker before. It's no big deal, really, except it puts another step on the road... and the person needs to actually click ok to make your e-mail appear... which is difficult if they don't know you.... or don't recognize your e-mail address.
Thats almost too funny.
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