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How much would you sell this plant for?

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It an anubias Anubias Barteri with 11 leaves and a 12th almost all the way in it has a very small amount of algae on 2 of the leaves in one are the size of a dime.

Any ideas on a price?
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Maybe $10 plus shipping.

Hi i posted it at another site for 8.00 and they said it was too much and then i told the it was worth 10-12. I was not that far off though.


HMMMM.....Looks like a RAOK plant to me! :)
ha ha ha ya got me.
Bare minimum retail price for that plant would be $4.99, which is what they sell the random "potted plants" for typically, but I've seen nice barteri like that going for $11.99 retail. Since this is SNS, and there is $4.05 tacked onto pretty much every transaction, $10 shipped is a more than fair price for that plant.
HMMMM.....Looks like a RAOK plant to me! :)
hahahaha too funny

I would say 10 plus shipping if it is algae-free.....very slow grower
A nice peice of steak and a bit of mash youd have a nice dinner lol!!!!
if you don't like it, why don't you just give it away, I doubt anyone wants to pay $10.00 shipped.

I totally dislike that plant :icon_evil

I'd sell it for $7 bucks plus shipping, or call it $12 shipped.
12 leaves, nice rhizome. I say here its worth $4 - $6 and add $5 for shipping, that makes $9-$11 shipped. This plant at a LFS will be $15.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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