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Recently i got a new bigger tank, recently planted with multiple mixed species, including the high light requirement plants.
The tank dimension is L4ft D1.5ft H2.5ft
Substrate approx 3 inch Ada Amazonia Light.
Light level 3ft from the substrate surface

I was using 36 watt LED stripes clearly it wasnt good enough for my DBT, Red Cabomba and Rotala Macranda. I am using pressurized CO2.
As some of the plants were melting over time, I am thinking of getting a 100w flood light with lumen value 8000-10000.
Will it be good enough for my plants ?

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unfortunately 2.5' of water to penetrate and high light = $$$$$

a single 100w flood ain't going to cut it, maybe 1 every 12" across the tank.

Kessil, AI Prime or radions "should" be able to punch that deep.

You may need multiple T5/LED strip fixtures to get 40-50 PAR @ substrate level.

2 or 3 of the DA-FSPEC could maybe do it...


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Punching light to the base of high light plants sitting at 36" isn't all that easy..

Using one flood isn't that great either..

3 50W should do if they have the correct beam angle..

At 6" off the tank top you need 120 degree spread or less.

Terms like flood or spot in most lighting "speek" isn't always what one pictures.
Nor consistent.

also suggest the panel ones over those w/ a central COB..
Personal choice.

Kind of a hybrid as an example..
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