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How much light for a shallow cube?

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The Aquarium I am planning to get is a shallow cube, dimensions:
25 x 25 x 12

My question for you guys is, will this fixture be enough
two bulbs, 24 inches each, 48W total

My concern is that it will light up on directly below it (see third image)

Tank Im supposed to get:

The light im buying:

My concern:

Does anyone else have a shallow cube, what kind of lights do you have on?
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thanks for the input, Ive never hung anything from a wall before....
any pics of lighting/projects to hang lights above a tank...

*** the problem is I have verrry high ceiling, so thats out of the question
I would have to use like an L bracket from the wall adjacent to the tank....

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@ shrimpNewbie - from great lakes aquariums here in Detroit, MI
is this what you mean by the LEDs:
Doesnt look likes it has a case
Plus not sure about the kelvins for this

@booger - the reason why I went for this light is that its the cheapest one ever, 40$, I was thinking about going to home depot and doing a DIY lighting, apparently this will be cheaper! Halides are good, but too expensive!!!

Thanks for the suggestions, any more out there?

oh and thats not my tank, Im getting the same thing, but w/o the overflow
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