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How much light does flame moss need?

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I have read that flame moss gets leggy in low light. How mich light does it need to grow with a good form?
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It does grow ok in low light. But with mosses it can all depend on the quality of the moss itself. Medium light is ideal for this moss though and it looks spectacular when its in form.

It doesn't need high light to look good. As Swan900 said, medium light is fine.
Thanks, I have 2wpg,will that be good then?
2 WPG does not say a lot about the type of lighting you have, but your Flame Moss will likely be fine.
I don't really understand much about lighting, these ones came with the tank I bought it second hand a few years ago. There are two 30 watt bulbs. I think they are florecent T8 bulbs (does that make sense). I used Gro-Lux bulbs in the past but they were out when I went to buy bulbs last time so the guy recomended some thing else for plants which is quite a red light (I don't actually like the color but it seems fine for the plants). Sorry I'm not sure what all the terms are, my ignorance is further complicated by language (I live in Portugal). I mostly have low light plants which do well but I've never tried flame moss.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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