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How much K are my plants consuming.

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Attached are some pictures I took today of my plants which I believe have a K deficiency (deficiency circled in red). I am running a 47 gallon tall tank with 2 watts/gallon. I dosed my tank to 7.57 ppm (1/2tsp) K on 8/16 under that advice to keep it near 10ppm for a non-CO2 tank.

However, over the past day my Hygro Coryambosa has developed a significant amount of pinholes in old leaves and has withered new leaves. Is this a K deficiency? Should I be feeding more K?


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Haha, sucks that your posts haven't been replied to.

I personally haven't dealt with potassium deficiencies, so I can't help you there, but let's see if bumping your post back to the top will get some replies.

Good luck
so this is a low tech tank?
lower your lights..(wattage and or photoperiod).. that'll help. List your other params like N, P, Mg, Ca, micros, and subtrate too.
Aren't you suppose to dose macro nutrients every other day? Which would mean dose pottassium every other day?
I have the same problem, I just figured it was my snails.
I thought the every other day dosing was for high-light tanks and for those who choose to go with the EI method. I am not going to go with the EI method at this time, though I will consider it again once I find out my water parameters once I add the CO2.

My present water parameters:
NO3: 15 ppm (I usually only rarely have to dose to keep this at 10-20)
PO4: 1-2 ppm (Usually stays at 1 or .5; I did dose this a week ago because it dropped a little below .5)
K: See above
Excel: 5 ml daily
Trace: 3 ml every 5 days
Fe: Unsure if I should add this to the routine... I have added it once when I noticed some yellowing of the leaves. It reduced the yellowing significantly.

All other parameters are 0. PH is around 7.0-7.2. KH I think was 3 and GH was 11 or so.
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