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How much is too much peat?

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I just started using peat in my eheim 2213, and so far after about 10 days of running, the water is beginning to show signs of the yellow tannins. I'm aiming for an amazon type water quality, and the main inhabitants of the tank will be schools of tetras, mainly rummynose and cardinals. Can I over-do-it with the peat? The peat itself is in a filter bag, so none of the larger particles are escaping into the tank. The water parameters are fine at the moment.
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I'm pretty sure there's never too many tannanins, unless you can see your fish
My understanding is that Cards are not black water fish (per Baensch). Aim for very low GH and KH. They have problems with excess calcium in their system, and do better in low pH water.
If the water is lightly tinted that is as far as I would go with these fish. Since peat moss is not all the same you may have to adjust the amount you use to get that effect.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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