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With discus fish you need to do the water changes and monitor NO3 to keep it below 20 ppm. No other testing is needed. Also need a superior biological filtration for converting fish waste to NO3. For the fertilizer I would dose once a week after water change,
PPS-Pro #1 macros NO3 Free solution, (“What if my NO3 is too high” section)
PPS-Pro #2 micros solution, (original recipe)

For your 125 gallon aquarium, after 50% water change,
80 ml solution #1 macros NO3 Free
8 ml solution #2 micros

This dose makes 0 ppm NO3, 1.4 ppm PO4, 18 ppm K, 1.4 ppm Mg, 0.14 ppm Fe(TE)

Have a picture?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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