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How much bio media?

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I have a 125L aquarium (lightly stocked with 3 cichlids) and I am wondering how much bio media is actually needed? At the moment I am running a JBL external filter with 2 full baskets of bio media. This is made up of a combination of SeaChem Maxtrix, Fluval ceramic rings, and JBL's MicroMec. Ideally, I would like to free up one basket by removing the ceramic rings.
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How long has the tank been running with fish?
I think you could do this with well established tank for bacteria is prolly well distributed in filter,on decor,on substrate.(might would wait a few week's in newly established tank).
I would replace the biomedia in one basket with foam and place it in such a way as water passes through it before reaching the biomedia in other basket.
Would still monitor water for ammonia each day and be prepared to perform water change should ammonia appear on test.
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