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how much aquasoil?

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howdy all,
im setting up my first planted tank. its a 20h (24x12x16) ive decided to do it right the first time instead of needing to redo it. i like the aquasoil amazonia. is the powersand a good addition? also is the aquasoil powder look better? lastly how much should i use for a 3" bed? how much just plain aquasoil? and how much 50/50 aquasoil or powersand?
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you could have simply asked this question in the thread you already started asking about substrate.
ianiwane felt one 9-liter (normal type) bag should do the trick. refer to his post in your last thread.
Use search. Someone posted a formula for doing it.

Basically, for a 3" bed (I think), it's 1 bag per 175 square inches of footprint.
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