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how many watts do i need for my 30 gallon tank??

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i have a few live plants, and i just wanted to know how much wattage i woul dneed for my 30 gallon tank(36 x 12 x 17) also i want it to brighten up my tank a little. aight thanks:fish:
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a 1x96w PCF would be v.good
a 2x39w T5-HO would be better
but with this much light you would
need DIY Co2 and to leave it on
for no more than 8 hours per day,
but you could grow anything well.
400W MH least that.

No, just kidding. What kind of plants are you looking for? Carpet plants too? CO2?
With just a few plants, 2 watts per gallon is a good ballpark.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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