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I'm thinking of placing an online order at Liveaquaria in order to get some fish at what adds up to a lower price than I'd normally need to pay for them. However, to manage that, I'd need to get quite a few.
I have two tanks that I would be ordering for;
My 65g community tank, up and running for slightly over a year. I'd be getting a bunch of rummynose tetras, as well as a bunch of pencilfish and maybe a couple of those neat diamond-head neon tetras. The tank contains about 17 misc pencilfish-size fish, five otocinclus, a handful of two-inch fish of various kinds, five baby checkerboard cichlids, and an adult checkerboard. It's lightly planted and has a bunch of thin branchy pieces of wood and a bunch of oak leaves in it. I'm running two 55g-rated HOB filters on it, too.
My other tank is a 29g biocube, currently just containing three forktail blue eye rainbows, a few pygmy cories, and a skinny swamp darter. It's heavily planted, but there's no hardscape. This tank would be getting something like 10-ish microrasboras, maybe more, plus a few amano shrimp and maybe a nice male guppy. If they get those scarlet livebearers in soon, maybe some of those.
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