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How many shrimp fit in a tank?

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I've been looking for how many shrimp you can fit comfortably in a certain space but have found no information on that.

I have an empty 3g tank which I'm looking into turning it into a shrimp tank. Going with the easy care red cherries, but how many can I house in there?

I added a huge piece of driftwood too, so the water available may be closer to 2.5g. Is space floor what counts with shrimp and not really swimming water? I just want them to be ok and happy with the space :) .
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I hear the general rule of thumb for RCS is 8-10 per gallon. But there are some people who house more. If an overcrowding starts to happen in a tank, reproduction will slow.

I also agree with fish, start with 10. They will breed like roaches anyways.
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