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How many PSI should a full 5# CO2 bottle read?

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Not sure what's up...I have a loaner 5# CO2 bottle and I just had it filled a couple weeks ago. When I attach the reg. it shows around 1000psi. The tank lasts less then a month. I checked for leaking but didn't see anything.
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Can you explain how you'd use two wrenches? I just crank down on the CGA nut and the cylinder is heavy enough that it won't spin if I'm pushing downward.

As for nylon washers, item # 360386799207 on Evilbay is 10 washers shipped for $4. Or do a search for nylon washer CO2. They come in that normal yellowish color, btw, not the red that you see in the pic.

If you mess with your reg a lot (like me), you may want to switch to a new washer before it's time to refill the tank. So even if you get one free with every refill, it's good to have extras.
I use size 9 o rings from lowes 2.50 for 10, no leaks in 8 months.
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