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How many plants do I buy?

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Ok I set up my 20 gallon high with active-flora as a substrate hooked the filter up and set the heater at 76 degrees. Going to aquarium shop tomorrow. Do I buy a bunch of plants or just a few and as they grow cut them and replant. Also at what point do I add fertilizer and what kind? Does low light mean the hours of light or a higher intensity?
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That's all up to you. Some people (like me) like to add in a sparse number of plants bc $$$, and then let them grow so they can just snip and plant as needed. Others want to go for a full grown tank ASAP, so they'll drop a lot of money on planting as much as possible. There are pros and cons to each method.

Low light refers to the intensity of the light. Most planted tanks are standardized to around 8-12 hours of light.

It sounds like you're going for a low tech planted tank (no CO2, little excess fertilization, no fancy light). I'd suggest getting some sort of floating plant to deal with a lot of excess nutrients in the water column while the stem and other plants get established, in addition to whatever plants you have in mind.
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