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how many of species of schooling fish in a 30gal.

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I recently dug out my old 30 gal. Aquarium out of storage and in the process of setting up a live planted tank with primarily schooling fish and was wondering how many different kinds of schooling fish I would be able to put in there I was thinking 3 or 4. Any help on numbers and type would be greatly appreciated.
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Personally I would pick two schooling, bottom feeders and a center display fish.
My tank has a mixture of neons and cardinals for blue, and cherry barbs for orange red. My bottom feeders are Cory cats, and my display fish is a beautiful male betta.

But that's just my 2 cents. I don't like seeing a lot of different fish in one tank, looks to busy to me. That and the larger the school the happier the fish are.
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