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How many more sterbai could I add to my 10 gallon?

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My water paramaters are 0ppm NH4 0ppm NO2 10ppm NO3 and have been stable for a while now. Tank is moderatly planted, with 1 betta, 3 peppered corydoras, & 1 sterbai cory. There's also a bunch of snails now lol.. I need more cory's because my betta keeps going for their food, when I had more corys it wasn't so easy for him.

Would it be safe to add 2 without overloading the biofilter?
Then eventually another 2? This might be pushing it..
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It does sound like its pushing it a bit. 10 gallon tanks are fairly small, plus Sterbai are a quite bulky species of cory. Also whats your filter capacity? Maybe up that and get one more at most.

Running aqua clear 20. Its doing the job really well and barely have to maintain it, other than the prop housing. 1 for now, then ill see how the tank is affected. Then nooo more than 1 more. 3 sterbai shouldn't overload it. They're pretty small rather than bulky imho

I just want him to have buddies of his own kind :hihi:
I wouldn't put Sterbai in a 10gal at all, personally. They're a large Cory and need their swimming room.
So then I shouldn't even have my peppered cory's? They're bigger than the sterbai.

I want a long tank with just cory's eventually, will start buying the stuff I need shortly. I didn't end up getting any and probably won't now lol
If you want a long tank for your corys, get yourself a 33 gallon. The are 4 feet long, and about a foot in depth. Perfect for fish like cory's and also planted tanks.

You could get yourself a nice group of 10 Sterbai in there. Turn your 10 gallon tank into a hospital tank for when you buy new fish. You can do a 2 week qt in there.
Sounds perfect for me :)

I kinda wanted to keep my betta in the 10 gallon alone, its hard to feed everyone without him over eating
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