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how many hours of light? algae?

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i have some microswords and anacharis in my 2.5 along with 5 danios. just picked up a sweet coralife timer. where is a good place to start?

over night, some brown algae (diatom?) appeared on my filter intake. i have an oto in there and will be replacing that with 5 cherry shrimp in a few days. is this the 'new tank algae' i hear of? how can i keep it at bay?
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yes, you are correct. the brown should subside, but it may not completely goes away.
start with 8 hours as you have low-medium light plants under a medium-high light fixture,
and are trying to avoid any more algae as your tank continues to cycle.
you dont think that i have a high light system?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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