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How many Gouramis

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I need to add some colour to my tank. I would love to add tetras but my son has a bala shark in there and rainbows that would find them a tasty treat.

The tank is 125g well planted tank with 1 bala shark, 5 rainbows, 5 small nasty barbs, 6 siamese algae eaters and 2 albino bristlenose. My question is can I add more than 1 gourami or is there a better option to add more colour??

Thanks in advance.
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I think you have room for several gourami, especially if you stick with the dwarfs.
thanks Laura. How many would be best to avoid aggression? The only ones I see at the lfs all look the same, is there a way to tell male/female? If so, what # of females to males work best?

Also, I am open to other suggestions for a colourfull fish.
female dwarf gouramis are smaller, have little color to them, and are almost impossible to find.
you are probably seeing all males at your LFS
I'm a big fan of big schools of smaller fish, personally.

IMO you need to rehome the Bala shark sooner rather than later, anyways. They're schooling fish, and even more nervous and prone to slamming into tank glass when kept alone than when in schools (and they're still bad about it even when in a school... just not a fish that should be sold in the hobby IMO).

With the Bala shark rehomed it would open up the doors to many, many more stocking options.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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