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How many gallons would I need to raise 5 juvi discus? sub-2.5 inches

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There is a really tempting deal that offers five discus for $125. Great quality too. How much space would I need ? :bounce:
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I'd go for a 55gal personally, if all you're looking for is a grow-out tank. Especially since they're easy and cheap to come by 2nd hand.
You can grow them out in a 20ish tank. However, they say atleast 10 gallons per discus when full grown.

They take a lot of care, water changes, etc. is a great forum for advice.

Good luck.

You can start with a 29g bare bottom then as they grow you will need a min. Of 55 gal. The way i would go is with the 55 so that you don't have to change tank later down the road.
10 gal per discus sounds awfully cramped to me.
I would do at least a 75 for them,they will look good when grown.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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