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That's a really nice tank and I'm glad you're sharing a picture. Which domes would you advise me to buy and from where? By the way, as for the plant that you have all the way in the back of your tank and in the middle, is that a Dwarf Rotalla? I am a bit of a newbie, and I think that plant is pretty sexy.
The domes are these:

With regular Daylight CFL 13w bulbs from HD. Mine are at least a year old at this point, and the clamps are super stiff/tight no danger at all for falling into the tank. I started with one per side, tried using 2 per side for a few months last year, and it seemed to be too much light, and felt like it had a bleaching effect on the leave's so i went back to 2.

I've been thinking about building a overhang using electrical conduit piping, and hang 3 across the top, but for now it's 1 per side, and because of how it holds onto the tank both are angled to point to the opposite side of the tank. I don't like using glass tops as they require cleaning all the time, and my objective of this tank was to keep it as simple as i can. Obviously it's doing just fine, keeping it simple.

Naw, just a regular Rotalla, i think indica, it's been awhile i forget. I trim a lot, so those were tops of a previous trim tend to put the rooted parts in a grow out tank since they like to multi branch after trims.

Eco-complete substrate, no root tabs, flourish once a week, and a 50% water change once every 1>2 weeks. I don't vacuum the substrate, just manual removal of any debris. The tank has 12 amano's that do a pretty good job of cleanup, and 11 cardinal tetras now a days, and around 30 pumpkin shrimp.
That tank is on a dual 20g stand, and i keep the trim grow out tank below-ghost shrimp breeding tank, and use the same setup for the most part, except i added regular black petco sand into the eco-complete, and so far it's working great, and i like the tighter feel of the substrate, and i think roots are growing better, faster then using just eco-complete by itself. I used Floramax in one of my older tanks, and didn't seem to do as well, but i guess we all have our own experience's :)

I would of posted a more recent picture, but i'm in the middle of redoing things in it, and adding more plant species, and been doing a lot of trading in the last month so it's trimmed to all hell so it isn't up to par for me to share :p but it's doing just fine.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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