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How many bolivians in a 55G?

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How many Bolivian rams do you guys think could happily coexist in a 55G tank? Currently, there is one male, but there are a few local bolivian rams around for free and I have been thinking of expanding the stock.

Stock currently in the tank:
10x Harlequin Rasbora
9x Cardinal Tetra
5x Peppered Corydoras
5x Otocinclus
5x Amano Shrimp
1x Bolivian Ram
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I've currently got 8 blue rams in my 55. They are all pretty small still. I'm hoping to end up being able to keep two breeding pairs.
It looks like the tank could hold a few more. 2 M/F pairs would work nicely.
You could throw in five more and they'd be fine. They squabble a lot, but it's not serious stuff and no one gets hurt.
Any inputs about M/F ratio?
Lol! At the thread title!
I believe I'm correct in saying that the rams generally like to pair off... I would suggest putting 5 more in and see if any pairs form. You may need to eventually take a few out if they are at odds with the paired up fish. Good luck!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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