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How many Anacharis bunches for a 55?

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Forgive the spelling, but I am converting my newly cycled tank from plastic plants (ugly) to real plants. I am considering ordering 5 bunches (or more) of anacharis for my 55 from aquariumplantscom. Do I simply plant the bunches in my substrate, or try to split them up? I realize they grow fast. I will add other varieties later. Using a Current Satellite Plus LED, 18 inches above substrate. Should I use a liquid fertilizer as well? Thanks!
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anacharis can be planted in the substrate or left floating. Its up to you. How long are each stem? If they are 6", then you can split it in half. This way you have more growing.

I don't have any experience with liquid fertilizers, but I have used dry fertilizers. Dry fertilizers are much easier to deal with in my opinion.
Only problem I have found with anacharis and many of the other stem plants is that if they are growing slowly and you plant them in the substrate they will often rot and let go before they ever grow sufficient roots to hold them down.
These plants are pretty cheap so you can't go too wrong and are probably a good start. If you plant a little at a time then you you'll have troubles if your lights are too bright or you start adding too much fertilizer. You may end up with a lot of algae. Not enough lights and your plants will be spindly and won't grow. Ferts may or may not be necessary to start but if you do use them start slowly.
Thanks. I have a pool-sand substrate, deeper in some places more than others. I've studied the requirements of low to moderate light plants like this and hornwort and I think I will have enough if I use the full spectrum Satellite Plus setting. I'll give it a whirl and see!
Plant each stem separately.
recently read that it is actually a cold water plant, not a tropical plant, which would explain why mine disappears
I know you're doing more than Anchors? ;)

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Plant them separately in the substrate, they are very undemanding and will grow in unfertilized tanks. I have it in all of my tanks, planted 3 off cuts in my 7 gal betta tank with no ferts, betta is the only fish in there and every month or so I have to take a load out because it has grown so much that the betta can barely swim around, great plant IMO!
Just order one bunch if you need to. As long as you don't have a plant eater in the tank this stuff takes off fast with good food and nutrients.
In the summer you can order this stuff by the lb. Take a look through aquatic turtle forums for sources.
Is there a reason why my stems started to rot at the base within a week? I left a few stems floating and they are now doing fine. Dirt tank with a 10w cfl.
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