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How long to wait before adding new fish?

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I added 3 cory cats (I think they are Emerald Green cory cats), 5 neon tetras and an Inca snail two days ago. They are all doing well, eating and swimming a lot. How long should I wait before adding more fish? I would also like to add shrimp in the future.
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If you did the fishless cycle, then it is OK to fully stock the tank right away. Waiting kills the bacteria you just finished growing.

If your tank is densely planted with fast growing plants (Wisteria and Anacharis are fast) then test for ammonia and nitrite. If these are consistently 0 ppm then you can add more fish.

If ammonia and nitrite are anything besides 0 ppm run, do not walk, to the store that carries any of the bacteria in a bottle that includes Nitrospiros species of nitrifying bacteria.
Tetra Safe Start
Dr. Tim's One and Only
Microbe Lift's Nite Out II
and a few others have the right species. Do not waste your money on anything else. Nitrospiros!
Do as large a water change as needed to get the ammonia well under .25 ppm and the nitrite under 1 ppm. (Closer to 0 ppm is much better.)
If there is nitrite showing add 1 teaspoon of salt (sodium chloride) per 20 gallons of water.
Add the right dose of the Nitrospiros product. Over dosing is not a problem.
Test daily, and when the ammonia and nitrite are stable, and 0 ppm, you can get more fish. Add Nitrospiros with each addition of fish.
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Yep it depends on how established your tank is. If you have 0 nitrite 0 ammonia then you maybe safe to add more but if you can be more patient, you'll be rewarded for it with no deaths.
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