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How long should my Photoperiod be?

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I have the fluval ebi with the stock 13 watt light. I keep java fern, hornwort, cabomba, mondo grass (non aquatic), and narrow leaf hygro. The java fern is narrow leaf as well, if it matters. I dose DIY Jello Co2 with about 4, maybe 5 bubbles per minute. It diffuses very finely through a bamboo chopstick (LOL). So how long should I keep the light on? I want it to be on when I wake up before school (7:20) and I want it to be on when I get home from school (4:00). And I want it to be on until like 10:00 Pm. So how long?
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I would do an 8 hour photoperiod from 2 - 10 pm.

Also, why are you keeping Mondo grass if you know it is non-aquatic? It will eventually die and rot in your aquarium.
If you want to view your tank in the mornings, get yourself a small LED moonlight and leave it on all night if you can. This will be the most consistent and "natural" way to do this without having 15 hour photoperiods.

Your other option is to have the tank come on for an hour or so in the mornings but have it turn off after you leave.

Then give it a photoperiod later on (8hrs).

Nothing really wrong with having a choppy photoperiod. Isn't natural but I don't think the fish/plants care.
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