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how long do Jobe's fert sticks last?

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I know this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find the posts in my search...
So.. how long do jobe's sticks last in an aquarium? I've got a lot of swords and lotus plants, so a lot of root feeders. I've been putting the sticks in the substrate about every month. I use about 6 sticks, break them in 1/2 and put 1 or 2 by each plant. The plants grow quickly for a couple of weeks, then slow down again.
I seem to remember reading, however, that they should last for several months, and reading stories where someone accidentally pulls one out after 6 or more months and has a problem with it. The aquarium is 220 gallons, so there's a lot of water for a buffer, I guess, if the nutrients do leach out of the substrate. (but I also use the standard water ferts at about 1/2 the recommended dosage)

So.. I dont want to start another thread about why I should or should not use jobe's, as I know the risk I am taking. I'd just like to know others thoughts on how long they last.

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It's been over a week, so I thought I'd give this post a little bump to see if anyone knows the answer.

I just put more jobe's sticks in the substrate a few days ago, and the plants look happier already.
Mine did not last long. Maybe a month or so. They disintegrate very fast. It may be because I have horseface loaches who move the substrate a lot. I prefer pond lillly tablets over jobes sticks for two reasons:
1) They have microelements in them(liek Mn, Cu, etc )
2) They last very very long (I have had pieces for 2 yrs)
3) They do not disintegrate as fast and leach out nutrients into water column
I use to have some under flourite before switching to sand. When I break down the tank after 6 months, there were still big pieces of it.
It's really hard to say how long they will last. I just pulled some out after a year, but who's to say how much nutrients were left in them? It probably depends on a lot of things, like substrate grain size, water circulation, if you vacuum or not, digging fish, temperature, what not, so impossible to say. Best thing probably to watch plants for slower growth or pale/yellowish leaves.
I dont know either. I add about 4 spikes to my 60g every 4 months or until my plants stop propagating. Youre using the one for Lush Ferns correct?
I prefer pond lillly tablets over jobes sticks
Hey, what brand pond tablets do you use? That's a good idea. I'd say my lilly plants are the ones using up most of the nutrients anyway :). I pull off big floaters by the day (leave 3 up at a time) and I get flowers one right after the next.. been flowering for months. The flowers are cool too, because they open over the course of about an hour. You can almost watch them bloom.
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