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How long can they hold their breath?

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...well, the opposite of that actually.

I have some ghost shrimp and some that the LFS calls "Algea Eating Shrimp" (maybe that's a sub post/question?.

I think some may live in a piece of wood that I want to take out, cut in half and then return.

Would they survive this trip?

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depending how exposed they get to air, I would say a good half hour.
I've taken driftwood and plants out of a tank that had RCS in them,
and the shrimp were fine while I rescaped and cleaned the tank.
I would put a cloth under the cutting area to catch any shrimp
that vibrate off the wood while you cut it, and keep something
wrapped around the wood during transport in case one jump out.

BTW, it was not necessary to start a new thread.
you could simply ask a new question in the cutting
driftwood thread you just made a few minutes ago.
you may still lose some. I recently moved a 20gal tank. I drained it to an inch or so of water and moved the tank about 5 miles away. I didn't remove the plants and I lost most of the CRS's and about half the amanos. I think they were smothered in the plants.

spypet - I see where you get the "spy" part from. You are everywhere:wink: I thought others more focused on shrimp may be in this forum and not the other. Was that bad forum manners? Sorry if so.
I thought others more focused on shrimp may be in this forum and not the other.
no, you were in the right to do so :redface:
most regulars simply check "new posts"
and would have caught the question
no matter where you posted it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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