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How long Before co2 to start working?

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I hooked up my Pressurized Co2 system today on my 55.

Have a 5lb tank filled, reactor is the new Red sea reactor 500 (see Below), and needle valve is adjusted to 1 BPS. Very lil water movement on the surface

Been up and running for 4 hrs now, and I didnt notice any change in my Ph, its still 7.6

Should I increase the rate of the BPS or should I give it more time?

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Looks like a 55gal tank......?

How are you measuring the pH?

If so, Yes, I would bump it up to 2bps for a while and then 3bps. I'm not sure that reactor can handle that size tank, but I have no experience with it either. Just keep it in mind.

How is the flow inside the tank?

Thanks Naja002, yeah its the standard 55 (48x12x21)

The reactor says its can handle up to 125 Gals. (Who knows right)

If I move the reactor so it blows the CO2 bubles out and into the intake on the canister, this should give me even more saturation?

I will also try to increase the BPS.

I have a hang on Mardel Live PH indicator plus I used my Aquarium Phar test kit, both confirm 7.6

Im just wondering how long before I should see a drop in the PH?
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Right. I don't think that that 1 reactor will actually handle a 125g tank--IIRC...

What lighting do you have on it? Looks like the standard hoods.....? 40w total?

I've used the seachem pH hang-ons (love their ammonia alerts!), but they only lasted 10-14 days before they went to crap. So, I don't use them.

In 4 hrs you should see a change in pH, but 1bps in that tank isn't much. Really depends upon the lighting, flow, etc....

I'd crank it up to 2bps and wait a couple of hrs....:thumbsup:
The light hoods are stock, But I put the AHsupply 55W kits in them, with the ballast mounted on the rear of the lights, so I have (2) 55w 6500 bulbs over the tank, or 2 WPG

I just moved the reactor over next tot he filter intake and I cranked it up to 3 BPS, the PH did drop to 7.4 So I will leave it there for an hr or so and see what happens. I need to get to about 6.8 or 7 to hit 20 ~ 30 PPM
I had that reactor in my tank for a while untill I went with a DIY inline reactor. It works great as long as you keep it clean. The one big flaw that I had with it was sometimes plants will break off or just leafs. Then they get sucked up next to the intake of it. After awhile little peaces of leaves and other tank matter will plug it up and you will not get that great of flow with it. I had it on a 55gal tank and I had to turn it up to about 3bps with the knob on the reactor open about 1/4 of the way.
Thanks Madfish, exactly what I just did, I have about 3 bps coming out now, and I have my reactor blowing out next too and into the intake on my canister for extra saturation. It seems to be working now, PH went from 7.6 to 7.3 and still dropping

How do u like the inline reactor? I saw Rex's plans to building one and it looks simple
Yeah that what I have. I made one and I love it. It was really easy to make and from what I can see it does a great job. I had to work out some little kinks after I built it like small leaks where the hoses conect to it and then to my UV set up. Now that its all done and up and running I cant say one bad thing about it. I also did a couple of small mods to mine that rex dont have on his but they were for my personal little kinks that I like to have.
55g and CO2

I suggest backing off on the CO2, nice to see you did not fully stock the tank. A few Rasboras are nice...

A "cleaner" crew of 2 ottos, and 2 golden mystery snails to get it going , then proceed with fmore fish.

As far as PH change and C02 "working" - Depends on the system. DIY could be several hours while compressed, almost instant.
Isn't that red sea co2 diffuser the same thing as a powerhead?
Isn't that red sea co2 diffuser the same thing as a powerhead?
Yes and no. It is a mini powerhead with a venturi device fastened on the front.

I had that same reactor. They work great. Adjust the CO2 until you maintain a nice cone of gas in the reactor and turn the reactor up all the way with the adjustment.
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