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2 pm: Co2 ON
3 pm: Fertilizer dosing
4 pm: Light ON (30 mins sunriser)
9 pm: Co2 OFF
10 pm: Light OFF
11 pm: Wavemaker ON (near surface for oxygen)
4 am: Wavemaker OFF
5 am: UV light ON
8 am: UV light OFF

It's a new tank and the plan is to extend the lightperiod with 30 mins per week until max 7.5 hours and move the other times accordingly.
I will turn the UV on after 3-4 weeks.

Does the times make sense ? It's a 360L/95G.


Are these real?
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There are different schools of thought... I am more of a 12 hour light period person, but I agree that shorter periods (with stronger lighting) may have their advantages.

From that point of view it's looking good. :)

(I start working at 7, and would have a hard time waiting for my tanks to light up in the late afternoon. But then again I am lucky and work from home).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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