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how important is light color to plants?

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I have a 14k MH bulb going right now, and it looks real cool. is it really necessary to have a 6700k bulb for the plants to be happy? i personally think those are too yellow to look good....
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Reefer? Go for a 10K bulb and it should be fine. Depending on the bulb of course, most 14K bulbs put out a spectrum that isn't "perfectly" suited for plants. It'll wash out some of the planted tank colors too.
The OP asked if 6700K is necessary for "happy" plants. Answer: definitely not.

Will 14K work for FW plants? Sure. With metal halide, I'd say the intensity of the light will drive photosynthesis just fine. Your tank just might look kinda funny with a saltwater bulb (blueish) over it. I like a pink bulb myself (9325K).
my dads tank is a 75gal tank with 2 150w 14k HQI bulbs over it. The bulbs are probably close to 2 yrs old so the color would have shifted but the plants grow great.
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