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How "established" does a tank need to be before adding shrimp?

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I've had my 29 gallon tank for 2 months now. There have been fish in it for about a month. My fish are 11 neon tetras, 3 emerald green cory cats, and 5 Schwartzi cory cats. The Schwartzi and 6 tetras were added yesterday. They are all doing well. I also have one golf-ball sized Apple snail, and 3 black/brown baby snails that are about the size of a dime. They were hitchhikers on plants I bought from the LFS.

I would like to add some red cherry shrimp to my tank one day. I am concerned there won't be enough of a bio-film for the shrimp to eat. There is very little algae in the tank. I feed the fish tetra-min flake food, Hikari brine shrimp, Hikari blood worms, and sinking algae pellets. The tank is heavily planted. I use flourish root tabs and flourish excel.

Is the tank ready for shrimp?
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Well some people give an extra month beyond cycling get the biofilm for their shrimp, I've done 2 days after setting a tank up and tossing in some insta cycle.

Bottom line: your shrimp should have no problem, but do give them some sort of veggie diet every 2-3 days

However, I am worried that your shrimp will become food for the neon tetras.......even though their small....neon tetras can still do a number to shrimp. Is the tank well planted?
Is the tank well planted?
I think it's pretty well planted, but I would like to add more plants, maybe next time I get paid.

Here's a picture:
The neon tetras are ready to eat the shrimp. Whatever fits in the fish mouth is food. The fish mouth can open really wide to engulf a yummy shrimp.
I think it's pretty well planted, but I would like to add more plants, maybe next time I get paid.

Here's a picture:
Yeah if you want shrimp, you're probably gonna have to plant it a little more :\ Tetras are opportune shrimp eaters.
If it was a shrimp only tank I'd say you had enough plants.. but yea.. definitely plant it more if you're planning on keeping the fish in there.

And since your tank has been cycled for 2 months now, it should be fine to add shrimp. Not only that, but when you feed your fish the shrimp will have access to leftovers.
I've added shrimp to new tanks without issue, I just make sure to feed them daily or every other day since the biofilm isn't established yet. Two months old is plenty of time IMO to add some shrimp.
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