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how does a female Celestial Pearl Danio lay her eggs?

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so i was wondering how does a female lay her eggs? do the male have to squeeze it out of her or does she just lay them when she wants too?

i'm asking cause i have a female that is laying eggs but not all the eggs are fertilize so does she go in the breeding mod and lay them and the male comes later to fertilize the eggs? or does the male have to squeeze it out of her?
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CPD's are scatter spawners who just randomly drop their eggs in plants, with a few eggs being layed daily. They do not have a spawning embrace like anabantoids do, so I'd assume that males simply try to stay near females and drop their milt while doing so.
well then either the male is blind or he is shooting blanks cause there is over 15-20 eggs (1 male 2 females) and about 2-4 eggs fertilize out of the rest... that's like a 5-10% rate ? sad male...
If you want to collect and raise them, I've found providing moss for them to spawn in works well. either loose moss or something you can set the moss in and take out every few days. I was able to collect eggs and get fry to hatch this winter but they kept dieing off. Going to try it again when it warms up, maybe with a tank/tub in my sun room with just moss in it.
i dont have a problem harvesting the eggs as this is how my tank is set up for them to breed...

and i have breed these for years now but what i wanted to know was how the females layed her eggs or does the male come and squeeze her as some of the eggs are not fertilize and i dont stick around 24/7 looking at them mate and lay eggs... i just check every night and see if there is any eggs below the mesh

this mesh goes from one corner to the other so there is no way the CPD's can enter the bottom tank... unless they are that small where they can fit through the mesh holes if they where cut into small chunks lol

some might ask why not just use live moss... the answer to that is simple... when you use live moss it tends to get rip to smaller pieces and fall down into the bottom of the tank and make it even a bigger mess OR it grows and in tangle with the mess and when u pull up the moss it rips and back to the mess again... + you always need to clean with moss -.-

so why yarn? easy to move around, no cleaning needed, wont grow or need to be trim, need me to say more? oh and the big key is it dont need light... =)
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You need more males to females if you breed in tank, what should happen is the male with follow close behind the female and release his "Man salsa" as she is releasing eggs. Then they fall into plants or eggs trap.
has anyone bred these in tanks with shrimp? Do shrimp eat the eggs?
has anyone bred these in tanks with shrimp? Do shrimp eat the eggs?
I have. You don't get as many fry as you normally would but some will survive. Provided you don't have so many shrimp they are everywares.

Have a gniess day. -Scott
the shrimps will eat any eggs they find as they think its a bad egg not knowing that its not one of their's... also you dont need more males/females.... ratio is 1 mal per 2 females is basic the more male you have the more problems you get cause they will fight...

these CPD's are in a 7 gallon tank... 3 CPD's per tank and i have 6 tanks setup...
1 for the fry grow out
1 for the female conditioning tank
4 for CPD breeding....

i get any where from 20-50 eggs per week some fertilize and some not...
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So my other question is will the female lay eggs without males?
If there is a swarm of females and they nip on each other, there could be a possibility that triggers some females to lay eggs. Though that can be of a little chance because they have distinct characteristics that show if they're males or not.
yea but i'm 100% sure its a female as it has a rabbit spot on the bottom find new the anal fin... only females have them...
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