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How do you read Ph?

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Dumb question but how do you guys read your ph? I bought an API ph kit and the colors close to the bottom of the scale look almost the same to the tube of water. My brother saids it looks like 7.2 but I say it looks like 7.6. Any advise?

Also is my ph too high for my community tank?
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Pretty much if it is really dark then it is 7.6. I distinguish the colors by holding it onto the ard and holiding it into thel light.

Your pH is fine.
Also is my ph too high for my community tank?...
A consistent PH level rather than some defined "ideal" level is far more important as far as fish health and survival are concerned. Case in point: I have had fish in a community tank where the pH was consistently 8 over 7 years. I took no remedial action to lower the pH. Many of the fish in that tank were allegedly much lower PH range fish. 7 years later the fish are alive and kicking and healthy. If you read many books and listen to experts, they will say, different fish need different PH levels and you should do things to match that PH. For a community tank, even if that were true, what difference would that make. If you have tetras that enjoy lower PH levels together with blackskirt tetras or krib cichlids that enjoy higher PH levels, who are you going to aim to make happier. And if you add chemicals to lower your PH and you end up with frequent PH swings, I guarantee you, you will have dead fish.

I don't listen to experts and gurus. I go by own experience and observations and what I am telling you is based on my observations of having fish for 7+ years.

Best Regards.
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Thanks! I don't really use any chemicals to alter my water. I have bought some but I don't even know why I bought them if I don't even use them. As long as my fish are live and happy I don't think I should worry about anything.
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