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How do you hardscape with Manzanita?

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Hi, saw a few amazing set ups here at hardscaped with Manzanita wood. Then I did a little research and asked a few question from a few guys responsible for those awesome set ups. They had all recommended manzanita burlworks. So I finally order a small $30 aquarium package. To my surprise, half the box was filled with plain sticks. The other half were decent looking. Below is the two pictures of the entire order from Manzanita burlworks.
Any suggestion on what I can do with the sticks? How can I get it to "stand up"? How do you guys scape with manzanita?

Right now I'm soaking the wood because they all seem very dry.

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Not bad for $30... Try tying them together as a bunch.
Make like a bonfire or so, This may be the best part.. make Funny designs with Sticks.. put the sticks eveywhere to make it looks liike the amazons

if you Cant use it all , i would be glad to buy some off you

which part of Ny you in
I'm using these wood for a species only tank, by species only I meant various Fissidens mosses will be the only plant for this tank. When I get it all together maybe I'll do one of those journal thing. It's always facinating to see people's tank progress.

The last thing left is waiting for the mosses from the guy who's ad is blinking on the upper right hand side of my computer screen.

btw, I'm in Manhattan, I'll let you know if I'll have extras.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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