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Hey guys, im just wondering how you guys breed for higher grade CRS. Do you guys just let all the shrimp roam freely to breed and then seperate the babies as they mature, or seperate the higher grades immediately into another tank?

As of right now, I have all my medium and higher grades together to roam freely, and noticed that a lot of my lower grade CRS are pregnant. I also have about 15+ babies in there.

Would you guys recommended that I just leave them all in the same tank until i get a large population, and then seperate them? Or just start immediately with the nicer ones (would be take longer to breed since the population is smaller)?

Any input is appreciated,


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Nope, no discrimination other than coloration. Just separate low grades from high grades.

Usually when you're culling the shrimps aren't at breeding size, so discriminating between male and female is tough.
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