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How do I trim/deal with melting leaves?

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Hello, I have a question that has been bugging me the past 2 weeks. I have had a couple plants that have suffered some leaf loss. The leaves turn transparent and soon melt to a gooey consistency to the point where they just crumble away in the current. My RCS make a good meal of it but I'm not too fond. I have a second post titled "mystery sediment on leaves" that has basically my whole setup explained if you need that info and wouldn't mind taking a look :) basically I'm wondering if I can cut off just the rotting part to prevent it from spreading or if removing the whole leaf itself is best. Also, my Red Flame (picture included) has some sort of clear goop that is covering the base of a couple stems and it seems to grow in size each time I look at it. I'm afraid it's harming the poor plant. If anyone has a clue what it is, please let me know! :) Thanks in advance for your time, and have a good day!