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How do I stop condensation forming on the top of my fish tank glass?

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There's water at the lid of the tank, and also, condensation on the top of the glass. I've tried wiping it off, but of course that wouldn't work and it would come back in about 20 minutes. Is there any solutions?
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You have to somehow vent the lid of the tank. I was having the same problem with my Marineland Eclipse 2 aquarium. The hood of the Eclipse houses an overhead sump filter so there's no removing it. One of the T-8 light fixtures under the lid stopped working so I started putting LED lights under the hood on the acrylic support bar too close to the water. I ruined two expensive light fixtures with the condensation. Then I took a small cap from a four ounce Nalgene bottle and used it to prop open the lid less than an inch. I also elevated the light 3/4 of an inch more from the water's surface. So far the fixture is still working after about five months. I haven't had any issues so far from venting my cover.
So, basically, I have to keep the lid of the tank elevated?
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